Online Poker – Can the System be Beat?

Can Online Poker be Hacked?

When discussing the possible hacks of an online casino, you might imagine that there is some form of illegal activity that is taking place, breaking into the casino’s mainframe is far from what actually happens, and it just happens to be that hacking sounds more appealing. What you will learn from our guide is how to recognise how the systems of the casino work and how to influence and manipulate its programming.

To be clear, the steps are not illegal in any sense of form, it’s actually very simple and it comes down to the knowledge of how casinos and their games are built with programmed coding or algorithms. This ‘hack’ though easy to do with any casino, you firstly want to make sure you’re signing to a website that is, of course, one that is legal. You want to be able to access games that have been tested, so you know they are fair and are going to pay you the money you have rightly won, be it by cheating. You also want a casino that is legal in your country so that you are again able to rightly claim your winnings and in your own currency.

On our friend’s site, you are able to find casinos that are licensed to the South African market and are regulated, thusly, confirming they are safe and fair across all their games. They were also picked by the site for having the best range of online poker games, both virtually and live.

For this hack to work, it is only possible with the play of virtual games because of the programming side of things. With live casino games, because they are real, there is no way of influencing how they synchronise with the casino’s main system, which is called the management tool.

How the Online Casino System Works

The management tool is the brains of the casino, it is within every casino, making it unavoidable and without the platform simply couldn’t be able to function. The goal of the management tool is to essentially build profiles, so with the best casinos online and in those recommended above, all South African players looking to enjoy poker, will have a profile made of them and how they play. The tool collects data, how much you spend, what you win, how much you lose, what games you like playing, which are played most, how long you play for and the times of day you regularly play. It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but the fact is that it is real. This is how casinos generate complimentary bonuses for you when you haven’t played as much, or tailor them to your favourite games and it is all linked to the algorithms of the games you play online.

Poker online in the realms of virtual machine play is built with similar programming to that of the management tool. You will be able to see the information on this if you go to your account and look at the history of bets you’ve made. Everything is logged and bets are given a serial number that is stored, why log a losing bet you made 3 months ago? Because it is essential to the profile. The info or data from the games you play are passed to the management tool; therefore, it knows what you can afford to spend and lose, it dictates when you win and when you shall not.

In short, the poker games are already programmed to know if you win or lose before you even place your first bet and get dealt with your first set of cards.

The Friendly Hacking of Online Poker

The hack was discovered because of a simple reoccurring theme found with casinos, basically, every new player would win. One, to keep them in the casino and feed off of their new-found passion for playing after having just won. Two, simply because there wasn’t enough data recorded to dictate how the game should payout.

The data is the key to unlocking this hack and removing it is what the hack is all about. See, very simple and it’s not against any of the rules.

Here are the important steps to take in creating the hack, controlling the data and playing the online poker games.

  1. Register with a new online casino.

  2. Play the most popular poker games and the newest. These are the more likely ones to payout more frequently.

  3. When you win big once! Move onto the next game and repeat this slowly building your profits.

  4. Should you notice the profit you make start to drop to about 80%, then stop playing.

  5. In order to recognise the hack working, you need to set up a reminder. If you place a bet on the last game at the lowest wagering amount, this would be the default you have set the limit to for the next round. If the hack works, it will default back to its original game setting like it was never played. If it doesn’t, then the lower setting will remain.

  6. Cash-out your profit and sign out of the casino. If you are using an app uninstall and delete any files. Clear any cookies and take away the history from the browser.

  7. For some reason, the waiting time to play next is roughly 3 weeks. This may have to do with a setting within the management tool, it is yet unclear, but you simply cannot gamble for 3 weeks.

  8. Sign back into your account and reinstate your app if you wish to do so.

  9. Go to the last game you played and check that default setting on the wager, we guarantee it has gone back to its original setting.

  10. Simply repeat the process from step 2.

Give it a try, believe us when we tell you, it is the only hack that works, you cannot cheat a game any other way, it is about beating the system, clearing the data and becoming a new player of the casino each time and always winning.